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Bojan Vidanovic

I Bought a Pair of Wireless Earbuds For 25 Bucks and Was Blown Away

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I was usually skeptical about spending little money on audio accessories, but when saw these pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds by Aukey for 25 dollars, I decided to order them just to see how far the audio technology has gone at the affordable price range. Considering the price I wasn’t expecting much of them until I got them. Boy, I couldn’t believe how much they packed at the decent quality for that price.

Normally in my workouts, I would use the good old Apple EarPods with cable, because I’d never had to think about charging them or losing them, just stick them in my ears and I’m ready to go. But these pair of Aukey changed that, and for the same price of Apple EarPods.

The battery could last for 8-10 hours, which means for at least 8 workouts until the next full charge. To fully charge the battery it takes around an hour and a half, which is acceptable. Not only I was happy with the battery life but also with the sound quality, it’s not the audiophile-level but it’s pretty decent considering the price. Other than that it includes a built-in mic, IPX4 splash-proof resistance, Bluetooth 4.1, 3 pairs of ear-tips and ear-hooks at different sizes for your ear, carrying pouch, and a USB cable.

Honestly, they really took me on surprise. If you are interested I wrote a full review on these earbuds on Dev&Gear, you might wanna check it out. All-around I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to have a decent pair of earbuds without spending too much.


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