Watching Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

After wrapping up my second full run of “The Office,” (yes, it’s that good!), I found myself in the all-too-familiar void that comes after saying goodbye to your favorite characters. The quest for my next lunch break companion had some pretty specific criteria: it had to be funny, shorter than 25 minutes an episode, and easily accessible on Prime Video or Netflix.

Enter “Rick and Morty,” courtesy of a suggestion from a friend who clearly knows their stuff when it comes to hilarious and mind-bending entertainment. I was a bit skeptical at first—could anything really fill the Michael Scott-sized hole in my heart? But two episodes in, and I’m totally hooked. This show is an absolute gem, serving up a perfect blend of humor, sci-fi, and sheer unpredictability.

So, for now, you’ll know where to find me during lunch breaks—traversing the cosmos with Rick and Morty, and thoroughly enjoying the wild ride. If you’re on the hunt for your next watch and need a good laugh in a compact, under-25-minute package, I can’t recommend it enough.

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