Breathing New Life into My Bulls E-Core EVO TR2 E-MTB: A Journey of Restoration

As an enthusiast of both cycling and learning, I’ve embarked on an exciting project that marries these two passions: restoring my Bulls E-Core EVO TR2 e-mtb. This endeavor is not just about restoring but is a deep dive into the intricacies of what makes e-bikes tick, and more importantly, what makes them roll.

A few years back, this Bulls bike was not mine and it took an unexpected plunge into the sea, a mishap that, while unfortunate, has set the stage for this current adventure. The saltwater took its toll, corroding components and dampening spirits. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. A few years later, this incident brought the bike to me and it has provided me with a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and eventually get it back on the mountain trails again.

The restoration list is comprehensive: a new battery (it can fit two), a fresh matt black paint job to restore its former glory, new Magura brakes for safety, a new Shimano derailleur for smooth shifting, and the list goes on… Surprisingly, the Shimano E8000 electric motor works perfectly fine which was a relief since it’s the most expensive component and made this restoration financially feasible. Meanwhile, the 120mm suspensions just need some regular maintenance and they are good to go.

The process of restoration will be as much about the journey as it will be about the outcome. So far, just by taking the bike apart I learned a ton and made this project truly exciting. But the ultimate reward will be: taking my restored Bulls E-Core EVO TR2 for a drive in the mountains. The thought of tackling those trails with a bike I’ve personally restored and customized to my liking is unparalleled. Not to mention, the Bulls E-Core EVO TR2, with its powerful Shimano motor and battery system, is well-suited for challenging, long terrains and will surely provide a fantastic riding experience. Also, it’s a testament to the idea that with a bit of knowledge, effort, and passion, we can overcome challenges and enjoy the ride of life with even greater zeal.

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