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  1. From EarPods to AirPods Pro

    After I got them and got to spend a fair amount of time using them I completely fall in love with my new AirPods Pro.

    So this year is the year for some technical upgrades, one of them was the upgrade from iPhones 6s Plus to iPhone 12 Pro, you can read about that in my previous post. The other one is earbuds, from EarPods to AirPods Pro. The changes in the iPhone I would describe as incremental, which means faster, better, prettier. But in the AirPods, it’s a whole new level of experience.

    If the iPhone had …

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  2. From iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 12 Pro

    5 years later, the iPhones is still the iPhone, just with some new tricks.

    My first iPhone was the iPhone 6, which shortly after I upgraded to iPhone 6s Plus. I got the 6s Plus soon after the release in September 2015, I can still remember the fuss that Apple started following the big-screen phone trend. So, since 2015, it was my daily horse, and went through everything, all the updates, 3 new screens, 2 new batteries, a few covers, and still working.

    Every year, with …

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