Jesolo Meteo

Jesolo Meteo is a weather service for iOS/Android intended only for a city of Jesolo, where the goal was to improve the precision of the current, forecast weather data and provide more valuable data to the locals and tourists. The whole system is developed for a dedicated professional weather station.

Jesolo Meteo


  • Real-time weather data readings from the local weather station
  • Up to 3 days forecast
  • Near real-time satellite data
  • Local webcams
  • Near real-time sea condition data with sea level, wave height, temperature…
  • Real-time astronomical data for the moon and sun
  • Users photos from Instagram

Technologies used:

  • Mobile clients: CSS3, SASS, HTML5, Apache Cordova, AngularJS 1, Ionic 1,
  • SocketIO client.
  • Web Server (Debian with Nginx and SSL): RESTful app in PHP with Laravel, NodeJS
  • with ExpressJS, SocketIO server.
  • Weather Station Server (Debian): Weewx(Weather Software), Python.
  • Databases: MySQL, Redis.
  • Weather Station: Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless with Fan-Aspirated Radiation
  • Shield.
  • Instagram API

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