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  1. I’ve been using NERDTree for quite some time but lately, it became so frustratingly buggy and slow it became almost unusable! So, this morning I’m ditching it in favor of fern.vim, which after some tests looks very promising! It’s written in Pure Vim script to be blazing fast, but at the same time, it’s also highly configurable and has plugins for everything I need. Here is …

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    12:21 (+0100)
    Cavallino-Treporti, Italy
  2. After many years, I might switch from Vim to Neovim, the reason? Rich plugin ecosystem and native LSP support. I made a simple configuration with Neotree, Telescope, and LSP Zero to test it out in the coming days as a default editor. So far so good.

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    11:35 (+0200)
  3. How to Find and Replace All in Vim With Substitute Command

    Tutorial on how to use substitute command, which may by one of the most useful commands in Vim.

    Following my last tutorial on Vim, “5 Most Essential Vim Commands for Beginners” if you haven’t read make sure to check it out. In this article, I wanted to share one of the most useful commands you may find trivial to use in any text editor and that is a substitute command. If you have used Sublime Text, chances are you have used Replace toolbar, which find and replace the …

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    12:42 (+0200)
  4. How to Setup Vim as an IDE for React/TypeScript

    The most essential plugins for Vim to make it as a perfect IDE for developing React/TypeScript applications.

    Thanks to the Vim’s vast choice of plugins, I’ve been using Vim daily for developing React applications in TypeScript. I classify these plugins as essential to make Vim a perfect IDE environment for programming although you might not need them as you can already do anything out-of-the-box, I’d still recommend installing them and making code writing more enjoyable and less …

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    16:21 (+0200)
  5. 5 Most Essential Vim Commands for Beginners

    Starting out in Vim can be cumbersome, in this article I'll show you the most essential commands to kick-start your work-flow.

    Oh.. Vim, some people love it, most people hate it. Just the idea of having to modify a simple file in Vim makes some people dizzy. Having to learn all the keyboard commands and not seeing any buttons that you can click with your mouse in a program from 80’s is already an ugly presentation. I remember the first day at the new company in Spain my coworkers asking me what I’m using to …

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    12:25 (+0200)