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  1. Is it worth the risk?

    Mount Everest is a business, inexperienced people pay to get there and the Everest movie realistically depicts how thing can go very wrong..

    Everest movie poster


    My rating 7.5/10
    Duration 121 mins Released in 2015 Directed by Baltasar Kormákur
    22:47 (+0200)
  2. Ford v Ferrari is a racing car movie jewel

    This movie managed to bring that racing adrenaline to the screen.

    Ford v Ferrari is based on a true story of Ford going all-in against the mighty Ferrari in the 1966 Le Mans race, and it’s awesome!

    Ford v Ferrari movie poster

    Ford v Ferrari

    My rating 8.5/10
    Duration 152 mins Released in 2019 Directed by James Mangold
    21:56 (+0100)
  3. Brilliant ending

    The Favourite movie starts developing slowly and nicely into an engaging story about unsettling ways to be the favorite of the Queen.

    Unknowingly, Carlotta and I have chosen this movie to watch from just reading the title and description as it seemed it had an interesting plot, but little did we know it was from the same director Yorgos Lanthimos as the previous one we watched, “Weird Things”, also featuring Emma Stone. Yorgos’ style is incredibly recognizable, so if you like his other movies, you’ll …

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    The Favourite movie poster

    The Favourite

    My rating 7.5/10
    Duration 119 mins Released in 2018 Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos
    21:16 (+0100)
  4. Steve Jobs

    A beautiful insight on the life of Steve Jobs, from his earliest days to the day when he left us, leaving a mark with the technology we use today.

    Steve Jobs book cover

    Steve Jobs

    My rating 9/10
    Written by Walter Isaacson Released in 2011
    12:40 (+0200)