Applying the primer and paint to the SR-71 Blackbird by Italeri


Build timeline

The process I feared most in this build was painting, as it’s the first time I use the airbrush. So before jumping in got the simplest version of an airbrush with a compressor by Gocheer, which is cheap and ideal for beginners like me. So I won’t be sorry if something goes wrong, which very likely will. And I went through some YouTube videos on how to use and clean it properly.

Luckily for me, the whole SR-71 is black, which makes it much easier to paint since it will be difficult to notice any paint abnormalities. I gave the first layer of the black surface primer by Vallejo before applying the Flat Black color from Italeri.

The end result was satisfactory, considering that I have zero experience in airbrush painting and colors this was a great result, but it wasn’t perfect.

SR-71 Blackbird
SR-71 Blackbird - NASA

Well, painting the Blackbird is actually a little bit tricky. Of course, you can paint it all black, but if you actually look closer in some of the photos you can see that it wasn’t a perfect black. Probably after years of use the black color would start showing some whitening textures, and this kind of paint would be more fun and realistic but currently this level of skill is out of my reach.


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