Finished build

The finished build of SR-71 Blackbird by Italeri in 1:72 scale.


Build timeline

Aaand done! This SR-71 Blackbird by Italeri build took me some time to finish, I made a bunch of errors in literary every building step, but in the end, I’m pretty satisfied with the result. It’s a really beautiful model and a plane to have in a collection.

The whole process was not really hard, hence Italeri rates it at 2 of 5 in the building difficulty. I’d just recommend to anyone new in this hobby to make a few smaller and cheaper models get some experience before building this one.

Another thing to note that this isn’t a small model, in the end, at the 1:72 scale it’s fairly large. The length is 45 cm (17.7 inches), so make sure to free some space to display it. I have placed it in the hallway, and anybody who comes in for a visit can’t unnotice its presence. I get a lot of compliments, and yet I know I could have done it better, maybe in the future, I’ll make his older brother the Lockheed A-12. For now, I’ll continue to improve my skills and search for the next build.

SR-71 Blackbird
SR-71 Blackbird in the Museum


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