Applying decals

The process and tips on applying the decals on the SR-71 Blackbird by Italeri.


Build timeline

I don’t have a photo of all decals since I wasn’t planning to document the building of this model, but I think from the photos above you can notice it’s not how it should be.

I made a few critical errors here, which I guess all beginners do. First of all I should have covered the surface of the plane with a flat transparent color, instead of applying decals directly on the paint. Because this way the transparent layer of the decals would not be visible like it is now if you look closer on at the images. The next step would be another layer of transparent flat color over the decals.

Another problem is that I just used water, instead of a more specialized solution like Mr. Mark Setter. This would make it much easier to affix decals.

SR-71 Blackbird has quite a bit of decals, the hardest ones are on top of the plane from the central to the bottom of the fuselage. And I managed to damage the one that follows the border of the air-to-air refueling cap.

I think this is the part that could have done much better.


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