#2: September 2020

This month didn't go as planned for this blog, but I did some cool things.

Goodbye September,

it was a good month. Honestly, I cannot believe how time flies when you are focused on something, or how should I quote the famous phrase, time flies when you are having fun.

This month didn’t go as planned for this blog, the plan was to write twice a week on this blog, then I narrowed that number to one post a week, and I could not keep even that promise since I was pretty busy and writing a blog post takes time and mental creativity. But at least I managed to write 2 posts, which is better than nothing.

Dev & Gear

This past month I was completely focused on Dev & Gear, because I found some problems, made some mistakes, and at the same time, it started gaining traction on the web, and passed 50000 views in the last month, which I am very excited about.

But there were some things I needed to sort out ASAP before adding more content. So I worked on URL structure, data structure, code structure all of the fundamental things to make the website more flexible and adaptable for future changes. All these things required me to update all the current content which was a real pain, but the result is satisfying.

Also, I launched the shop under shop.devandgear.com! It was something I always wanted to do, and I finally managed to do it. I say finally because that required a completely different set of skills, something I never did before.


Besides all the work I managed to write 2 posts. As a productivity geek, one post is on what I use to manage my tasks and ideas, which I think is fundamental for any busy person. The other one came out of nowhere as I was solving a problem and decided to share my solution with everybody.


Diary of an Apprentice Astronaut

Sadly I finished the book Diary of an Apprentice Astronaut, and I say sadly because when I enjoy something I never want it to finish. The book took me on an amazing journey of Samantha Cristoforetti from being a fighter jet pilot for the Italian Air Force to living abroad on the International Space Station for 199 days and setting the record for the longest single mission for a woman. But the road to space was not an easy one, it required a lot of sacrifice and intense preparations before taking off with Soyuz from Baikonur.

Permanent Record

I like to go for long walks, whether it be early in the morning or in the early evening, I enjoy them very much. And I always listen to podcasts and Joe Rogan Experience is my one my favorites. The other day I went for an hour-long walk on the beach and started scrolling through the last episodes of JRE, and I saw an episode with Edward Snowden, well that was a surprise since he already showed up once in the podcast. It was an immediate play.

While I was listening to Edward Snowden, he mentioned his autobiographical book Permament Record, which was on my list to read for quite some time but I don’t know how but always forgot to get one. Since I’m a big admirer of his, I took it as a reminder to order one. So made an order for his book which will be my October read.


Some interesting links from the web this month:


That’s it for September, I’ll try to do better in October.


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