#1: August 2020 Roundup

Here we are, the very first release of my newsletter and a roundup for the august 2020.

I’ve always wanted to start this newsletter thing, I’ve seen many doing it but never got time nor content to jump into it. Now that I have started this personal blog website and I’m actively writing and updating, I’m confident this is the right time to start sending to my dear subscribers.

I’m not a big fan of HTML emails, so initially, I wanted to send plain simple emails, but I couldn’t find a way to properly convert markdown files to a text file. If I find a way to properly convert them I’ll send in plain-text format. In the meantime, I’ll keep the HTML version as simple as possible.

Back to the content for the first issue. This month was incredibly busy and productive, considering the hot temperatures and the fact that is august, a month for holidays and total relaxation in Italy. It was probably one of my most productive Augusts ever, I’m really impressed at my self. Usually, it was one of my laziest months, but this year was different, it could be probably cause it’s not a “normal” summer because of this Covid-19 pandemic situation and much fewer tourists in my area made it seem like it’s not a summer for fun. I’m not sure but I’m glad haven’t wasted the whole month.


I’m forcing my self to write as often as possible, and improve in that area of skills. It’s not an easy task if you are not in a “mood”. But I managed to write 5 articles and start a new posts series on learning Vim for beginners. To my surprise one of my posts got lots of attention on Hacker News and ended up on the front page as the most commented post (344 comments). That exponentially grew traffic on my website, something I never expected. Anyway here is the list of articles:


I’m still reading the Diary of an Apprentice Astronaut by Samantha Cristoforetti, and by far I absolutely love it. A bit lengthy (> 600 pages) but the stories and all the insights are amazing. If you are a space/aviation nerd I highly recommend you to read it. I’ll probably finish it this month and start another book that is waiting for me on my bookshelf for a long time.


I bookmarked a few interesting links this month, you may want to check them out at the end of the day.


This month I started a new side project called Dev & Gear, I had this domain for a long time with the intention of building something totally different from what it ended up to be. But after doing some mental planning I understood it would require a lot of time of developing, which I can’t afford at the moment. So instead of ditching it, I decided to start a new website about tech gear but for more technical users like my self. It’s kinda blog/discovery-platform, but still in evolution so it might change over time.


That’s it for this month if you liked this first issue of my newsletter, please share it with your friends and leave a comment. See you in the next one.


Bojan Vidanovic is a computer programmer, specialized in front-end web development. Love making internet products, blogging, learning, reading, calisthenics and fitness enthusiast.