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  1. Moneyball

    This movie is not about baseball, it’s about making a great team using statistics. Really enjoyed it

    Moneyball movie poster


    My rating 8.5/10
    Duration 133 mins Released in 2011 Directed by Bennett Miller
    23:32 (+0200)
  2. Is it worth the risk?

    Mount Everest is a business, inexperienced people pay to get there and the Everest movie realistically depicts how thing can go very wrong..

    Everest movie poster


    My rating 7.5/10
    Duration 121 mins Released in 2015 Directed by Baltasar Kormákur
    22:47 (+0200)
  3. Haunting and disturbing

    The Kalifornia movie is psychological movie at its best with an incredible performance by Brad.

    Kalifornia movie poster


    My rating 8/10
    Duration 117 mins Released in 1993 Directed by Dominic Sena
    23:01 (+0200)