Added Tags for Enhanced Post Discovery

In this update, I have fully implemented the tagging feature for all posts, making it easier than ever for my visitors to discover new and relevant content.

What’s new?

  • Discover More Relevant Content: With tags now fully functional, visitors can effortlessly find posts related to specific topics of interest. This feature enriches the browsing experience by connecting you with more of the content you love.
  • A Richer, More Organized Website: Tags not only facilitate content discovery but also contribute to a more organized and navigable website.
  • Seamless Integration with Hugo: The tagging system is seamlessly integrated into my Hugo-built website, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.


The tags feature will greatly enhance the way visitors interact with my content, offering a straightforward approach to exploring various topics and uncovering hidden gems within the website.

What’s next?

I will continuously work to improve it, and finally start tagging my content. In the meantime have fun exploring existing tags. :)

09:19 (+0100)